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The names of the 4 Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams qualified for the Superbet Open semi-finals were determined by the most talented Romanian teams in the groups played on the 26th of September and the 3rd of October.

Lovers of CS:GO, rightfully considered one of the most popular video games in the country, were offered a great show during the matches played in the two groups, after which the semi-finalists who qualified for the next stages of the tournament found out their names: AllStars Gaming, Nexus Gaming, OneTap Gaming and Quantum Prodigy.

The teams, as well as the broadcasters, including important names on the CS:GO scene in the country, such as JaxiTV, Pop, AlexaTV, Ang, and other game specialists, enjoyed over 6 hours of play in each group, with a close fight for the 8,000 euros stake that will be reached in the final of the competition that will take place on the 24th of October in Cluj.

“We believe that the Romanian esports scene is constantly growing and for this reason, we are convinced that our support is needed. We want to be part of the most varied sports competitions and to be with the fans wherever they are, and competitive gaming is a very fresh area, an area with a lot of potential, an area where players, teams and fans alike form extremely cohesive communities, communities that we are proud to be part of”, said Andrei Stan, Marketing Director of Superbet Romania.

Superbet Open, the CS:GO competition organized in Cluj by Digital Crusade in partnership with Superbet, will take place from the 17th to the 24th of October, with a 100% online programme, which will be streamed live on Digital Crusade’s YouTube and Twitch channels and will include lots of moments with players, industry influencers, but also precious hours of competition with an exciting production in which only quality CS:GO will be played.

Superbet Open is an extremely ambitious Romanian event dedicated to esports, where well-known brands such as Creatopy, KFC Romania, Campofrio, Lenovo Legion, HyperX, Banca Transilvania, Hellcase, Urban Monkey, Hampton by Hilton, Iulius Mall, Borsec, the Romanian Esports League and the Cluj City Hall have joined forces in a true digital crusade of quality CS:GO!