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The Samsung RiftWars competition, the biggest competition dedicated to mobile gaming enthusiasts in Romania, is coming to an end.

The competition was attended by 30 of the best players in the country, forming 6 extremely competitive teams. The battle between them was very close and full of surprises at every turn.

In the end, the two teams that managed to make the cut were Nexus KTRL and OneTap Gaming, with the rivalry between these two organizations, also present in games such as CS:GO or League of Legends being carried over to WildRift.

The tournament brought together the best players in the country, but also some of the best players in Europe, and the duels between them were as close as possible. It’s encouraging that Riot Games’ product, although launched less than a year ago, already has an international esports scene formed.

As part of Digital Crusade 2021, Samsung Riftwars is the competition designed to help shape the mobile gaming scene in Romania. Mobile gaming is a great opportunity for competitive gaming enthusiasts because many of the barriers they would encounter in traditional competitive gaming are not present in the mobile ecosystem, such as the ability to participate in contests from any location, or the price of the devices.

The finalists of the RiftWars competition will take to the Digital Crusade stage on the 19th of October in what promises to be a highly contested competition. Samsung will provide the players with the best conditions for the finals, and players will be using Samsung S21 phones, which are known for their advanced specifications and the excellent optimization they give to the WildRift game. These models are among the few on the market that allow players to play the game at 120 frames per second, resulting in smoother movements and more fluid action on the phones’ screens.

The Samsung RiftWars final moderators will be TakeMyFury and HolyDiver, known for commentating League of Legends tournaments, with the fast-paced nature of WildRift matches promising a guaranteed show in the final.

The Samsung RiftWars final will be available to watch on the Digital Crusade YouTube and Twitch channels on the 19th of October, starting at 5 PM.

We would like to thank the spectators who joined us on the road to the grand finale, as well as the partners who made this tournament possible, Samsung and Riot Games.