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The final, which was going to be a very disputed and interesting one, had a competitive gaming show between the finalist teams Nexus KTRL and OneTap who took part in the first big LAN dedicated to a mobile game in Romania.

The evening started with a surprise, Octav “Ang” Crețu, the former Nexus League of Legends support, took the stage in Cluj and played the first match of the finals with the Nexus KTRL team. This moment was yet another proof that the differences between the computer and mobile versions of the game are not so big and that the transition between these two entities can be very easy.

The Samsung Rift Wars Grand Final was watched by over 8,749 people on Digital Crusade’s Twitch and YouTube channels, and the performance of the competitive gaming scene was at home in Cluj, where HolyDiver and TakeMyFury, the two experienced League of Legends commentators, joined the public on the impressive event stage.

Nexus KTRL and OneTap Gaming played a series of exciting matches in a best-of-seven format, and the winners of the final were ultimately Nexus KTRL. The team managed to defeat OneTap Gaming by a score of 4-0 after a series of very good performances by players such as Baby Yoda, Grizzly, and Vex. OneTap Gaming defended their chances very well in this final, with most of the matches being very close, but their opponents still managed to close out the matches better and speculate the opportunities offered by their rivals.

Samsung provided players on the Digital Crusade stage with the best possible gaming conditions, as the Samsung Galaxy S21 phones used for the final had a range of specifications that allowed players to experience the WildRift game in 120 frames per second, which facilitated fluidity of movement and in-game action.

Samsung RiftWars is proof that there is room for mobile gaming in the Romanian competitive gaming scene. The passion of the registered players, the high level of play, and the reaction from the public were just some of the encouraging and visible elements of this competition.

We would like to thank all the competitive video game enthusiasts who showed their support for this event all along the way. We would also like to thank our partners, Samsung and Riot Games, without whom this event would have been impossible.