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Buckle up, Crusaders. (kind of) Long article ahead, explaining some basics about NFTs and why they’re a thing now, even for the gaming industry.

So. What in the world is an NFT? Everybody and their mother is talking about NFTs, and while some consider them fad and stupid, others say it is the next “bitcoin” or the next big thing. 

To put it as simply as possible, an NFT is a digital asset (like a picture, a document, a video, a song, etc.) of which’s uniqueness can be verified with the use of the blockchain. In this specific case, the blockchain we are talking about is Ethereum.

Ok” you might say, “so why should I care?

Well, perhaps you really don’t right now, but in the future, these NFTs can provide very interesting and novelty tools for very diverse and useful things.

But aren’t NFTs just random pictures of monkeys and lions and god-knows-what?

Well, sort of yes, but no. At the moment, the most widespread uses of NFTs are indeed the pictures of apes and lions and all sorts of art. But it could be so much more in the future

So how do they do that? Why the fudge would people buy a picture of an animal with thousands of dollars?” 

At the moment, these animal NFTs grant you access to communities (usually on Twitter and on Discord) of people holding similar NFTs from the same collection. In the most successful collection and community, you can find really interesting and famous people like Jimmy Fallon, DJ Khaled, Stephen Curry, Post Malone, Katy Perry, and many, many more.

BUT – another very important use is the possibility it provides for artists to sell their products; like a song, for example. Take these examples from our own country – Delia, DJ Shiver and Untold (just to name a few) have all released and sold NFT collections.  

But why are you guys telling me all this?” you might rightfully say. “I’m a gamer, that’s why I follow Digital Crusade. How does this relate to gaming?

Well, that’s right. You’re a gamer. What if we told you you’ve (probably) been using NFTs all along, in the form of CS:GO skins? These skins are basically NFTs as a concept, but they’re not verified by the blockchain, which is decentralized, but instead they are centralized by Valve. So, like NFTs on a totally free market, these skins reach record costs for a bunch of pixels that are yours and yours only. Have you seen the M4A4 Howl by the way? It goes for insane amounts of money, and that’s when you CAN find it. 

Also, big names in the esports industry have released NFT collections or are in the process of doing so. G2 Esports, Redbull OG, and many more. Faze Clan’s CEO and founder “Banks” is also a big NFT and crypto head. He has almost 3 million followers on twitter and is one of the biggest names in the game. There are also some dedicated games which rely on the purchase of NFTs in order to play, but they are quite basic at the moment. Again, they have much space to evolve.

Ok, so now I know a thing or two about NFTs, I guess. So what?” 

Well, our friends at the Cunning Wolf Society are using the NFTs to develop some great tools for the future. They plan to build different tools for the market and al so organize gaming tournaments for their members of the community. But as you know, these tools cost money to develop.

So, they are launching a collection of Wolf NFTs (which look really cool if you ask us) in order to fund their bigger projects.

Yes, it’s just a community right now and yes, for now it’s just pictures of wolves, but the future looks promising for the NFT space. Gaming and Cunning Wolves are part of that future.

We are NOT saying you should or should not invest. This is not financial consulting. If you choose to do so, do so at your own risk.

We just think this community has potential and is a cool new way to see and interact with the digital world and, of course, meet a lot of new and interesting people.Hop on to their discord to learn from people that know more than us about the future of the web  and to see what the project is all about and to see what the art looks like  – Here’s a sneak peek. ?